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This Jesus Christ Monogram Tee is one of our most popular Cherished Girl Christian t-shirts and rightfully so .Behind the scenes, every day, there’s stuff going on most of us don’t even think about. Take your body for example; 15 times a minute; 900 times an hour; 21,600 times a day, you take a breath. Your heart beats about 80 times a minute; 4,800 times an hour; over 115,000 times a day. This and millions of other things are going on inside of you all day, every day on a regular basis.

More steady than a heartbeat; more constant than breathing; more continual than the sunrise; more enduring than an atomic clock is the working of our GOD ! Sinners need to hear that truth and what better way then these awesome Christian t-shirts.

The bible says the God of Israel never sleeps – He’s on top of things 24/7. (Ps 121:4) Anytime of the day or night, He’s there working in the details of all creation, and in us. He doesn’t limit His work to Eastern standard time or from 8am to 12 noon on Sunday either. You won’t get a recording when you call on God after regular business hours – He just never knows when to quit!

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What’s your commitment to God look like? Is your relationship with Jesus a “full time thing?” Does He have you MIND, BODY & SOUL 24/7? (Matt 22:37,38) When we commit all our days to Jesus and ALL HIS WAYS, we find a blessing that goes past time, to infinity (and beyond!)With this simple yet bold Jesus Monogram Cherished Girl Christian t-shirts for girls, others will be longing to learn about the Jesus that you live your life for.